In memory of my business partner and mom Rebecca 

Hello, I’m Sarah. I started Books & Treasures because my mom basically had a mini library in her home. I talked to her about selling her books as she was trying to sell them individually and I brought up the idea of a subscription box because I love subscriptions. She loved the idea of sharing her books with everyone. Two years and 100+ monthly subscribers later she still really enjoyed putting together the boxes and helping to choose the right book for the customer. 

She is greatly missed but we continue the box in her honor. My Fiancée and I now take care of every order by ourselves. He has taken over writing our handwritten thank you cards that my mom had always made so lovely. 

U.S. Based Small Book Shop

This is a photo of just some of my moms books.

Our Team...

Sarah: I create the awesome elastic bookmarks and some other items that go into each box. I also run the website and social media. 

Eric: I have taken over writting the thank you card for every subscription and help pack boxes.

Sarah & Eric

In memory of my mom Rebecca who wrote our lovely thank you cards.


Book Sniffer & Box Tester