Frequently Asked Questions

When will my box ship?

Our subscriptions ship on the 4th or 5th of every month. Order before the first to receive the box for that month.

How often will my subscription be re-billed?

Subscriptions are rebilled on the 11th of every month. If you have a 3 month subscription your subscription with renew on the 11th day of the the third month of your subscription. 

What happens if I change my subscription from one type to another?

When you change your subscription, the change does not go through until your next renewal date as this is when new charges go though. You will continue to receive the boxes you paid for until the next renewal charge goes through. This is when your subscription will change from type A to type B.

Are you sold out?

We do occasionally sell out. We set a limit on how many boxes we can handle each month and once they are gone they will be unavailable until the next month on the 11th.

How do boxes ship?

We ship our Boxes, Bigger Boxes, and Book in a Bag boxes with Priority shipping. Our Just a Book boxes ship media mail.

Please note that there have been delays due to COVID and we do not guarantee an arrival date.