What's in the box? 

Here is a little bit about the box itself and the types of items that are generally inside.


Our books are sometimes ex library, used, and previously well loved! They range from Good to Acceptable in quality. This means that they may have some writing on the inside cover, some small rips, and general wear. If there is ever an issue with a book you receive as things can slip through the cracks occasionally please email us photos at sarah@booksandtreasures.com and I will see what I can do for you. 


I, Sarah, make every single bookmark that is put into every subscription. Our bookmarks are elastic and are made for your specific book so that it will comfortably stretch over the pages and keep your place without hurting the pages. 


The gifts in our box are handmade by some awesome artisans. We choose gifts to help our box keep an antique book shop meets small boutique vibe. We have many things that go into our box an example would be: coasters, candles, soaps, pins, and jewelry. We provide you with their shop links in hopes that you continue to support the small business that you really liked. 


Our cups are thrifted. We frequant thrift stores who give back to veterans and donate to the less fortunate. We pick up what is available and sometimes that means some more plain cups make it into the mix. We are trying something new recently to dress up the more plain cups that we receive and we are excited to announce that soon!